Complete Network Solutions

Tangwena provides complete network solutions for both wired and wireless connections. Our LAN Services, Data cabling, Ethernet VPN, Point-to-Point, IP Connect and Managed WAN services provide the foundation for your business needs. Our wireless solutions provide full life cycle of services to deliver the high performance WiFi network your users demand.

Stay Connected with Tangwena’s LAN Services

Tangwena’s LAN Services provide the perfect solution for staying connected. Our services include data cabling, ethernet VPNs, point-to-point, IP connect and managed WANs, as well as wireless solutions that offer high performance WiFi networks. Our full life cycle of services from initial planning to design, implementation and support ensure that you stay connected without any hiccups.

Collaborative Design and Managed Installation for the Best Connectivity Solutions

We believe in delivering the very best in connectivity solutions. We understand that every customer has unique needs, so our project managers work closely with them to scope, survey and design the ideal solution for each site. Our engineering team then takes over, managing the full installation from start to finish. We can work independently, providing a fully-managed service from start to finish, or collaboratively as part of our customers’ on-site teams. Once installed, our technical team proactively monitors our customers’ networks and deploys all necessary updates. Our customers have access to unlimited, dedicated technical support, achieving the highest possible QoS. With Tangwena, you can be sure you’re getting the best in connectivity solutions.

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